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This website was created to share images of unusual craft (UFOs) that we have been photographing in the day-time sky over our house in Darlington in the Perth hills of Western Australia since early November 2012. We don’t see these craft with the naked eye but detect them on the digital images when viewing and enlarging them on a computer screen. I use a compact digital camera, the Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100, which has a 20 megapixel / 1 inch CMOS sensor to take high resolution images which are later enhanced using a photo-enhancing program like Adobe Photoshop.

These craft are fast-moving and fly at fairly high altitude as I usually focus the camera on the edges of mid- to high-altitude clouds. I usually take a series of 20 to 30 photos on continuous shooting mode with a fraction of a second between each photo. When captured, most of the time these craft are present in only one and occasionally two of the series of 20 images. I usually take about 300 images at a time, especially when there are wispy high-altitude clouds. On some days there may be craft present in more than 5% of the photos, although many are too small for enhancing. Now I only look for the really good ones.

The big question is who is flying these craft? In some images it almost looks like you can see occupants. Here is my view on things.

Here's a brief story of how we got started with this new hobby, including the very first craft we discovered in my photos: My story.

Here are my instructions on how to photograph these craft (UFOs).

  DSC01294-coloured-lightsNew: Dimensional phenomena photos have been added here. (Some of these are large images so best viewed on a large computer screen.)

News: My 4-page article was published in a Special Issue of New Dawn Magazine (Vol. 7 No. 4), entitled: "UFOs Over the Perth hills of Western Australia - A Special Report".

Update: In late May 2013 I purchased a new camera, a Nikon D600 with a Nikon 28-300 mm lens. I have been looking forward to seeing how it would improve the resolution of these craft (UFOs) when captured on images as it has a 24 megapixel/full-frame sensor. Unfortunately, something is preventing me getting quality images of these craft with this camera. Perhaps it is
the Nikon sensor or the anti-aliasing filter or something else. Until I can sort out the problem, the Sony camera appears to be a far better performer for this purpose.

On 6th May 2013 the Channel 7 Sunrise TV program in Australia covered my story with a brief interview: here.

The Sunday Times newspaper in Perth has published my story with photos. See here: Sunday Times article 28th April 2013 and a smaller article online here.
The huge email response from people in Perth, Australia-wide and overseas has been extremely positive and encouraging. Some people have sent me their personal stories of UFO sightings as well as some of their own images. I encourage everyone to have a go and see what you can capture in your own photos and let me know if you capture any really good ones.

Here are some of the better examples of different craft/objects (UFOs) that we have photographed to date. (Photographed over Darlington unless stated otherwise):

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Last updated: 14th April 2014

Why are there so many craft in our atmosphere at this time? Read here.

Disc-shaped craft in the clouds with possible occupants visible through an oval canopy.
Image is rotated from original (see cropped image on right).

It appears we are looking at the underside of some sort of square or rectangular-shaped craft.

 Oval-shaped craft in front of the clouds. Are we seeing occupants through the clear canopy?

Craft with a faintly visible broad oval canopy covering the top surface.

View of the underside of a fast-moving craft with some of the canopy (with occupants?) visible on the top left.

This is a very important image because I have seen so many fast-moving fuzzy blobs like this one that I suspected were craft of some kind,
but this is the first time that I have been able to discern more detail. Notice the row of bumps around the object forming part of a hazy field around it.

A fast-moving craft that looks very similar to the one in DSC00180 below.

A fast-moving disc-shaped craft very similar to that in DSC00081 below, photographed two hours earlier.

A disc-shaped craft with a clear canopy covering the top half. There appear to be quite a few occupants inside.
The craft has been rotated 180 degrees from the original image and was one of three craft travelling together (see image on the right).

A fast-moving craft with a clearly discernable spherical canopy on top. Are we seeing two occupants inside?

A fascinating craft with a large, clearly defined canopy on top with bright specular reflection from the sun. It looks like there are occupants visible inside.
There is an unusual pronged structure underneath the craft holding a pale semi-spherical blob - plasma perhaps?
The craft was rotated 90 degrees clockwise from the original image (see image on the right).

A disc-shaped craft with a clear canopy on top and knob-like structures underneath. Image is rotated 180 degrees.
This is the first craft I have photographed flying over Port Kennedy, Western Australia.

=> My UFO video for 22nd February can be seen here.

Fast-moving disc-shaped craft with a faint hint of an oval canopy.

A craft with a clearly visible oval canopy was caught on two consecutive images (0.47 of a second apart).
The craft seems to have rotated and appears wider in the image on the right.
There appear to be at least three occupants visible through the canopy in the craft on the left.

A very strange, fast-moving craft with a clear canopy covering the top left.
It's almost as if the left part of the craft is not visible. It looks like there are four or five occupants sitting in a circle inside the craft.

A disc-shaped craft with a large clear canopy covering the upper half.

A fast-moving disc-shaped craft is lit up underneath by the early afternoon sun (top image).
The bottom image is an enhancement of the craft (rotated) showing a clear canopy and possible occupants inside.

An angular-looking disc-shaped craft with a clear canopy on top and what looks like a large nozzle-like structure underneath.

A comparison of two fast-moving sandwich-shaped craft taken 17 days apart.

A strange knobbly and reflective craft/object appears out of the clouds above Darlington and does a sweeping arc westward towards Perth.
The video can be seen here.

A fast-moving disc-shaped craft with a transparent glass-like upper half.

22nd December: A very good day with beautiful dramatic wispy clouds in the sky. More than 10% of my images had different types of craft in them.
Here are a few examples:
A fast-moving craft with an unusual shape showing a faint verticle ring around the centre of the craft.

Two fascinating fast-moving partial ring-like objects. I've never seen objects like these before in my images.

An unusual looking craft with a clearly visible oval canopy.

Craft with large canopy and appears to have 5 or 6 occupants. The image has been rotated 180 degrees. In other words, the craft was flying with its canopy facing downwards towards the ground.
This is why the underside of the craft is so bright from the midday sun. If such a craft produces its own gravitational field then flying upside down would not be a problem for the occupants.
The craft looks very similar to the square/rectangular-shaped craft in DSC03493 below.

Disc-shaped craft with a very clear oval canopy on top with some specular reflection from the sun and some atmospheric disturbance below the craft.

A fast-moving craft with a large transparent canopy is captured in the same frame as a Qantas jet with a long contrail flying at cruising altitude over the Adelaide hills, South Australia.
It looks like there are at least three occupants inside the craft. If they are normal people size that would imply the craft is much smaller and flying at a much lower altitude than the Qantas jet, even though it was not visible with the naked eye at the time:

Approximately 8.5 seconds later, another fast-moving craft is photographed with the same Qantas jet:

Over Darlington, Perth Hills, Western Australia:
Craft with near-verticle windows continuously along its periphery. The lower enhancement shows a much better view of the interior of the craft.
Take a look at this lower image sitting back further from your computer monitor. Are we seeing 7 or 8 occupants inside this craft?
There also appears to be something green and red in the background inside the craft. Large warning/safety lights maybe?

10th December: A very good day with many different types of fast-moving craft photographed over a few minutes (see six images below):

Unusual shaped fast-moving craft with a bright specular reflection from the sun.

Very clear oval, bubble-shaped craft with cylindrical nozzle-like structures underneath and a bright specular reflection from the sun on the upper transparent canopy.
The craft looks virtually identical to DSC08309 below. Are we seeing two occupants inside through the canopy?

Unusual shaped craft which appears to be flying upside down. When rotated 180 degrees, the craft shows a clear oval-shaped canopy on top. There appears to be a bright cloud-like atmospheric disturbance underneath presumably caused by the field generated by the craft.

Fast-moving disc-shaped craft with a large oval canopy covering the full width of the craft with some sort of atmospheric disturbance on the right of the craft.

Fast-moving disc-shaped craft with a clearly defined canopy on top and a series of small structures along the bottom of the craft.

Disc-shaped craft with a clearly visible canopy on top and many small structures pointing down underneath the craft. Some sort of atmospheric disturbance directly above and below the craft.

Two very similar disc-shaped craft caught on the same image speeding by high over the Perth hills. Both craft appear to have a white atmospheric disturbance below the craft and a bright specular reflection from the sun on the oval-shaped canopy on top of the craft.

Craft-from-video-19-05-2013 This is a frame from a 6 second slow-motion video taken by Kim Smitherman on the 19th May 2013 from our balcony using a Sony HVR-Z7P HD video camera. The craft looks like a square or rectangular platform similar to DSC01603 below. The video can be seen here.

DSC01635-craft Fast moving disc-shaped craft with a large transparent canopy on top. There is some specular reflection off the canopy from sunlight.

DSC01589-craft This is an interesting image of a common craft type (similar to DSC00685 below) as it clearly shows a row of circular structures in the dark part between the two light-coloured rims.

DSC02242-craft Fast-moving disc-shaped craft with a clearly visible canopy on top and several structures underneath.

DSC01146-craft Very clear disc-shaped craft with a canopy on top. Looks like some sort of atmospheric disturbance beneath the craft.

DSC00848-craft Silvery disc-shaped craft with a bright spot of specular reflection of sunlight on the upper surface.

Fast-moving disc-shaped craft with a large transparent oval canopy on top.

This craft looks like a compact version of the square-looking platform in DSC03493 below.

DSC03493-craft A square or rectangular platform with a transparent canopy on top.

DSC_6351-DSC_6354-craft-small Fast-moving craft doing a sweeping arc in the sky. Consecutive images from the Nikon D600 camera approximately 0.2 of a second apart. Click on the image for a larger version.

DSC05126-craft Metallic-looking disc-shaped craft partially in the clouds. Rotated 90 degrees anticlockwise from original. Click on image to see part of the original image.

DSC04637-craft A fast-moving disc-shaped craft that we seem to capture relatively often. Click on image to see part of the original image.

DSC02006-DSC02012-light-object1 Mysterious moving coloured streak of light that appeared, disappeared and reappeared again just over 2 seconds later over Darlington. If anyone has any idea what this might be then let me know. Click on image for a larger version.

DSC01396vsDSC01397-small Two consecutive images, less than half a second apart, showing a fast-moving UFO travelling in a westerly direction over Darlington. Note what looks like a transparent canopy on top. Click on the image for a larger version.

DSC00825vsDSC00826-chemtrail-with-craft Two consecutive images of a craft (UFO) travelling near a chemtrail over Darlington. This is not a contrail from a plane. You can find out more about chemtrails in the documentary "What in the World are they Spraying". It is hard to judge how far away the craft is from the chemtrail as it may be higher up in the atmosphere behind it. It is possible that craft like these are cleaning up or neutralising the chemical/biological agents in the chemtrails.
Click on the image for a larger version.

DSC09014vsDSC09015-craft-speed-smallpic Two consecutive images of a Qantas A380 airbus with contrails (not a chemtrail) cruising at high altitude with three different craft captured in the images. Based on the average cruising speed of 900 km/h (560 miles/h) of the airbus, craft 1 is estimated to be travelling at 16,690 km/h (10,370 miles/h). Click on the image for a larger version.

DSC09023-airbus-and-ufo Just over 4 seconds later, another fast-moving craft is captured in the same frame as the Qantas A380 Airbus travelling in a westerly direction over the Perth hills.

A commonly captured, fast-moving craft with a clearly visible transparent canopy. Click on the image to see this craft near the moon on a larger image.

DSC06177-craft Two different enhancements of a fast-moving disc-shaped craft, partially in the clouds, that appears to be releasing white spheres.

DSC05678-craft Two enhancements of a fast-moving craft with many objects (occupants?) visible through the transparent canopy.

DSC04621-craft Fast-moving disc-shaped craft with a transparent canopy showing what looks like multiple occupants inside?

DSC04389-craft Fast-moving disc-shaped craft with an oval transparent canopy.

Two different enhancements of the same craft (DSC02428). Notice the spiral-like structure of the craft and the different coloured lights.  Another similar craft is captured 7.5 seconds later (15 images later, DSC02444) in the same series taken on continuous shutter mode of the same part of the sky. Note the same angle of the craft in the sky.

DSC01816-craftTwo different enhancements of the same oval-shaped craft. It appears to have a metallic-like bottom half and a transparent top half.

DSC01603-craftAnother square-shaped craft looking partially underneath it. Looks like it may have a transparent canopy on top. Photographed in the sky above Bassendean, in Perth, Western Australia.

On Sunday 10th February 2013 I took over 350 photos (30 in succession at a time) over a 10 minute period at around 6:40pm from my balcony. Amazingly I captured craft in about 20% of the images! Many of them were long cigar-shaped UFOs. Some images had two or three craft in them.

DSC01060-craft1Beautifully colourful cigar/disc-shaped craft. This is one of three craft captured on the same image. (Click image to see the three craft.)

DSC09884-craftFast-moving disc-shaped craft.

I was revisiting some of my images from 2013 and came across this one.
This disc-shaped craft shows a clear oval canopy and what appears to be many occupants looking out.

DSC01049vsDSC08309-craft-comparisonThis is a fascinating craft and appears to be oval in shape and partially transparent. Note the circular, nozzle-like structures underneath the craft. I have estimated the speed of a craft like this one to be travelling faster than 3390 km/h or 2106 miles/h (here).

DSC07169 craftThis is a similar type of craft as in DSC06361 below. Note there appears to be an oval-shaped transparent canopy on top.

DSC06361 craftThis craft appears fairly often in our photos. Note the transparent oval-shaped canopy.

DSC00690-DSC05899-craft-comparisonThis is also a craft we capture often in our photos. Notice the red, gold and green/blue lights. This craft seems to come in more than one size.

DSC05650-52-Qantas-jet-with-craft Three consecutive images (0.47 seconds apart) showing three different fast-moving craft captured near a Qantas plane flying over the Perth hills. Click on the image for a larger version.

DSC04769-DSC04770-craft-comparisonA fast-moving craft captured in two consecutive images. It appears to be rotating.

DSC03122-craft-1-of-3One of three fast-moving craft captured in one image (see here). Likely a large disc or cigar-shaped craft. Note the three dark small circular structures underneath and a light circular structure in the center on top of the disc.

DSC02033-craftFast-moving disc-shaped craft.

DSC02009-craftFast-moving unusual object.

DSC01995 craftThis partially transparent craft is possibly the same type as DSC08309 above but captured from a different angle.

DSC00925-craftUnusual craft that looks like a square platform with an oval transparent canopy on top, some sort of aerial structure on the top right and legs at the bottom.

DSC00697-enhancedFast-moving cigar-shaped object and white sphere.

DSC00685vsDSC01135 These two similar disc-shaped craft we probably see most often in photos. They appear to come in more than one size. Craft such as in DSC00685 on the left also seem to have a row of dark circular structures between the light-coloured rims. Sometimes these craft are accompanied by small white spheres. Note the unusual spiralling, vortex-like field above and below the craft in DSC01135. This craft is partially in the clouds. The original photo and some other examples can be seen here.

So what does it all mean? How do these craft fit into the big picture? Here is my view on things.

This investigation is continuing. This site will be updated regularly and more UFO images added as they are captured and as time permits.

I would love to hear from anyone who is also capturing day-time craft (UFOs) using this method.
Some of the craft that I have captured appear to be unique as I have not been able to find them on the internet.
Any comments or questions? Contact me (Rob) at:

 ==> There is an important petition for full government disclosure of ET presence on Earth.
If you would like to sign it and share it around then here is the link:


DSC01294-coloured-lights New: Dimensional phenomena photos have been added here.

DSC09426-thumbnail Here is a beautiful wispy cloud formation photographed in January 2013 - very surreal.

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