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Craft/objects (UFOs) photographed over Darlington, Perth Hills, Western Australia unless stated otherwise.


Last updated: 20th March 2016

Why are there so many craft in our atmosphere at this time? Read here.

Are we seeing a massive cloudship appearing in the thinner higher-altitude clouds over the house in the top-left half of the image?
Note the long curved rim of what could be a very large disc-shaped craft that has not fully materialised but is affecting the clouds around it.
Also note the unusual octagonal shape in these clouds.
The contrast of this image has been increased deliberately to show better detail in the thinner high-altitude clouds.

A fast-moving disc-shaped craft appears to "power up" and releases a burst of intense orange light which I photographed as a bright-orange "trail" in the sky.
The light trail was only visible in one image in a series taken at 2 frames per second. Is this one of the ways our Star Family is saying 'hello'?

Craft with a clear oval canopy. Enhancement (left) has been rotated 90 degrees clockwise from the original (right).

Two consecutive images of the same disc-like craft with an unusual linear structure lit-up blue underneath the craft.

Two different craft photographed close together on the same image.
The enhancement of the upper craft has been rotated 90 degrees clockwise.

A sunny day with beautiful wispy clouds passing by most of the day. There was a lot of craft activity in the sky over the Perth hills.
A very clear image of a long rectangular craft with a flat clear canopy on top. There is a long specular reflection from the sun along the edge of the craft.

A larger enhancement (inset) suggests that it is a large craft with many people on board.
There are two smaller craft (above and below the large craft) in this image.

Huge numbers of craft in the sky this afternoon, although many were small and faint in my photographs.
This is one of the clearer disc-shaped craft photographed. The enhancement (right, rotated 90 degrees clockwise)
shows a craft with a bright specular reflection from the sun on a clear oval canopy.

A fast-moving disc-shaped craft is photographed at top right of the image.
The insert shows an enhancement of the craft which has been rotated 90 degrees anticlockwise.

The following is a series of nine images taken over approximately 3 seconds with my Nikon D600 camera with 760nm IR filter.
The images show more than 20 craft flying in different directions. Each craft is numbered and their movement tracked.
The camera was aimed just above the north-eastern horizon from Darlington.
The series shows the huge numbers of craft present in the sky over the Perth hills at 3:25 pm on 8th October 2015.

Click on the image for a larger version.

Two craft are lit-up like lights in high altitude cloud. Photographed using a Nikon D600 converted for increased IR sensitivity and a 760nm IR filter.

Two consecutive images showing a bird flying from right to left with the sudden appearance of a disc-shaped craft above and behind the bird in the lower image.
Photos were taken using a Nikon D600 camera converted for increased IR sensitivity and fitted with a 760nm infrared filter.

A square or rectangular craft very similar to DSC03612 photographed about 7 weeks ago (23rd August 2015, see below).
The inserts show two different enhancements of the craft with what looks like an oval transparent canopy on top.

Three fast-moving craft that appear to be travelling together, photographed in just one frame in a series.
The enhancement is of the craft at far left.

A disc-shaped craft with an oval dome shoots past a beautiful wispy cloud formation.
Enhancement has been rotated 90 degrees clockwise.

Here are four craft photographed in only one image of a series (at 2 frames per second) flying at high speed in different directions with high altitude wispy clouds in the background.
The last two days have been spectacular with streaky wispy clouds and many craft present, although on Tuesday morning (8th September 2015) it was spoiled by three chemtrails that were sprayed over Perth.

A craft speeds by a cloud that appears to be giving the "thumbs up". Nice one!

No wonder these craft are so difficult to see with the naked eye. An unusual looking object is just visible above the gutter of our house.
It looks like a disc-shaped craft with an almost transparent body but the outline of the craft is still discernable (see enhancement in insert).

A fast-moving disc-shaped craft with an transparent oval canopy.

A disc-shaped craft with a bright specular reflection from the sun on its transparent canopy (top left) and another object with a brightly lit-up triangular face.
Enhancements of the two objects are shown on the top right.

Many craft were photographed just after midday on Sunday 23rd August over Darlington, Western Australia:

A disc-shaped craft with a large clear canopy.

Three consecutive images (0.5 sec apart) showing a small group of disc-shaped craft flying by, again in a triangle formation.
This time some appear to be lighting up in different colours.
A pale blue colour (middle craft in the left image) and pink colours of two craft in the triangle formation (middle image).
Inserts show enhancements of two of the craft (rotated 90 degrees clockwise) showing their disc-like shape.

Exactly 5 minutes later, a small group of 6 craft flew in a roughly westerly direction (right to left), below:

One minute later, a much larger fleet of at least 27 craft appeared across two images:
The brightest craft at the bottom right of both images (above) were enhanced and rotated 90 degrees (see inserted images above).
Another craft shoots across the fleet in the image on the right.

A very unusual looking square-shaped fast-moving object over Darlington.

This is an interesting exercise that seemed to work this time. While photographing a patch of blue sky straight above my head,
I asked star family to make an appearance so that I could photograph them.

During a 4 second period a small group of circular craft came almost straight down to my position and then headed in a roughly north-easterly direction.
Some of the craft remained flying in a triangular formation. The images in this series were taken at approximately 2 frames per second.
There are other craft flying by at high speed in the last two frames.

Recently, I was reminded of this photo that I took back in 2012 from my parent's garden in the Perth hills.
My wife, Shelley, sensed it first and then we spotted what looked like a partially cloaked craft within a circular field of some kind.
Two different enhancements are shown on the left. A crescent moon is visible in the top left in the image at right.

A disc-shaped craft with an oval canopy shoots past in a north-easterly direction with the moon in the background.
Note that the lower image showing an enhancement of the craft has been rotated 180 degrees.

A craft with a very clear oval canopy photographed in two consecutive images taken approximately 0.5 second apart.
Both images have been rotated 90 degrees clockwise from the originals.

A fast-moving disc-shaped craft showing a bright specular reflection from the sun on the oval-shaped canopy on top.

Disc-shaped craft with a faintly visible oval-shaped canopy. Image has been rotated 90 degrees clockwise from the original.

Wispyclouds - 2016 UFO Images
Wispyclouds - 2014 UFO Images
Wispyclouds - 2013 UFO Images
Wispyclouds - 2012 UFO Images

This investigation is continuing. This site will be updated regularly and more UFO images added as they are photographed and as time permits.

I would love to hear from anyone who is also photographing day-time craft (UFOs) using this method.
Some of the craft that I have photographed appear to be unique as I have not been able to find them on the internet.
Any comments or questions? Contact me (Rob) at:


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