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Craft/objects (UFOs) photographed over Darlington, Perth Hills, Western Australia unless stated otherwise.

4th November 2016: A triangular-shaped craft is photographed under an unusual looking cloud that caught our attention on a fine but windy day in South Hobart, Tasmania:

A pair of similar-looking craft shoot by over Darlington, Perth hills:

Two consecutive images taken 0.5 second apart show a small group of oval-shaped craft shooting by over our house in Darlington, Western Australia.
The six craft in the second image (DSC03312 below) seem closer as they appear larger. An enhancement of the closest and clearest craft is shown in the inset:

Two beautiful examples of oval-shaped craft in the sky over the Perth hills on a cold but sunny day.
Both show specular reflections from the sun:

A small craft is photographed over our roof in the sky north of Darlington. This was a morning with beautiful cloud formations.
Personal communications with Jo (from heartstar.org) has suggested the craft may be Alpha Centaurian:

A morning with beautiful wispycloud formations in the sky over the Perth hills.
This particular feature in the sky stood out in one of my photos and appears to consist of a group of small disc-shaped craft clustered together into a sphere:

25th June 2016: Since mid-April this year I have had a huge change in perception. I've discovered that there are numerous craft present in the clouds over the Perth hills all of the time. I have learnt to recognise their presence just by seeing the shape and texture of the clouds, especially when parts of the clouds take on a "stringy" appearance. These craft are small and disc-shaped as well as pod-shaped. They are often too small to see until the photos are enhanced and enlarged on a computer screen. They readily form tight clusters and sometimes join together in "strings". I'm mostly using my 36MP Sony A7R camera to get the highest resolution images so that I can zoom in to see details of what's going on. When I first saw them in my enhanced photos in the clouds in huge numbers I got the impression of "cloud cities". The craft and domes are quite well camouflaged and have a similar colour to the clouds. However, the craft and their canopy reflect light slightly differently to the surrounding cloud, often resulting in colourful reflections that are present in my photos. I have learnt to make use of the sun, sometimes with back-lighting, to help see them better. My analyses of hundreds of images over the last ten weeks have given me the distinct impression that these small craft/pods often reside for some time in certain clouds before they move on. They are readily found half-camouflaged on the edges of clouds, with their top half or dome/canopy sticking out of the clouds. Often groups of these small craft/pods form bubble-shaped clusters as if they have an oval field around them, and then, in slow-motion, they "burst out" of the top of the cloud to then slowly fade/cloak and dissappear. I have many series of photos to share but I'm working on putting them in video form so that I can zoom in to the interesting parts in the images and readily show changes over time. These are not fast-moving craft as I have photographed previously. Instead they seem to just drift along with the clouds. My impression and belief is that this is a higher dimensional phenomenon, probably 5th dimensional, that for some reason I am able to photograph. It has surprised me that I had never seen these craft/pods/structures in the clouds before over the last four years of analysing photos of the sky. At this stage I have not yet had the opportunity to analyse images from elsewhere so it is not yet clear to me whether this is just a local phenomenon of the Perth hills, although it is much more likely to be a global one.


Here is my first YouTube video of many to come that will show these clusters of craft/pods/domes in the clouds and their movements:


A fast-moving object shoots by with a smaller faint craft in the background. The larger object seems to be a group of a few small craft enveloped in a double torus-shaped field:

17th May 2016: Another hike into the Helena Valley and took some more photos. The image below was taken straight into the sun that was covered with cloud.
Notice the fine detailed cloud just below the sun. There appear to be multiple craft present in these clouds (see enhancements of two craft below).

A few minutes later, another photo into the sun. With the sun back-lighting the clouds, much can be revealed. There is a lot of UFO activity present for those with the eye to see it:

20th April 2016: I went for a hike into the Helena Valley, which is not far from Darlington, and took a lot of photos. There was a lot of craft activity present.
Nothing is a coincidence and I knew something was up when suddenly a bright pink beam of light from the sun appeared at the top of a series of photos.
There was a craft sitting just above a dense white cloud:


23rd April 2016: There has been a distinct shift in my craft photography recently from photographing mostly fast-moving craft to stationary craft in clouds using my 36MP Sony camera. I suspect that Star family have been hiding in the clouds all along but that I just wasn't tuning in enough to see them in my images. It appears that in some cases there are large groups of craft clustered together in the clouds. Often they appear to be camouflaged with little wisps of cloud around them, just enough to hide the shape of the craft. The following few images are of the same high-altitude cloud formation to the north, showing a good example of a fairly large craft with a similar colour to the clouds around it:

16th April 2016: A plane releasing a chemtrail over Darlington and heading east. Note the red-coloured tank in a cavity underneath the plane, presumably containing the chemical cocktail that is sprayed over our heads. Four of the arrows point to small craft near the chemtrail. Whenever we see chemtrails we ask Star family to help neutralise them.
Click on the image for a larger version:

13th April 2016: On Wednesday evening I decided to take a series of high-resolution photos using my 36MP Sony A7R camera with flash. I was expecting to see orbs in the photos as Shelley and I have photographed many times before (see our Dimensional Photography page). Instead, over a 25-minute session I photographed many unusual craft/objects in the night sky over our house in Darlington. There was a near half-moon in a clear sky. I soon realised that something interesting was happening when I noticed that three blue objects made an almost perfect right-angle triangle in the sky. Computer enhancements of the three similar objects revealed unusual-looking disc-shaped craft. The craft on the far right seemed to be in the process of releasing a bright blue, roughly spherical object from underneath the craft:


This is an unusual sight to see in a photo, but surprisingly, I had seen a similar craft with a blue object underneath it three nights earlier over Darlington.
See a comparison of the craft three nights earlier with the far-right craft above:


These were not the only objects/craft that appeared that evening. A few minutes later I photographed a strange oval object in the night sky just to the left of the Orion Constellation:


Five minutes later I photographed a different craft/object with a very regular disc shape to the left of our chimney:


This was followed one minute later by two different blue objects forming an almost straight line with a bright star in the middle. The blue object at top right appears to be an oval-shaped craft, whereas the blue object at lower left appears similar to other bumpy-looking spheres that I photographed in this session:


The blue, bumpy spherical object in the above image (lower left) appears to be very similar to others that I photographed in this 25 minute session.
Is it possible that these bumpy-looking spheres are the same objects that were being released minutes earlier by the disc-shaped craft in DSC06024 above?
See a comparison of these blue-coloured bumpy spherical objects:


Is it possible that these night-time spherical objects over Darlington are the same as the bumpy spherical craft that I previously photographed over Greenmount National Park during the day-time on the 30th March 2016? See the comparison:


9th April 2016: A relatively close disc-shaped craft shoots by over Darlington while I focused my camera over the top of Eucalyptus trees in our garden:

I want to share some photos I took recently from Greenmount National Park. It's a great spot and has awesome views over the city of Perth. We've had a few very clear days so it was a great opportunity for some more photography. On 29th March I photographed a beautiful reflective craft over Swan View (see DSC01876 below). The following day I went back there and decided to take photos higher up in the sky. When I got home and examined the images on the computer it appears that at one point there was a gathering of many craft, maybe more than 30, over my head. I have about 12 consecutive images with these craft in them. Some were lit up while others were quite dark (cloaked). It appears that some of the craft were cloaking and decloaking very rapidly, like bright lights blinking on and off. Some of the craft made a ‘j’ shape in the sky (see DSC02787 below). Some appear disc-shaped while others almost spherical. Clearly they put on a beautiful show for me to photograph them, even though I wasn’t aware of it at the time and never know what I’ve got until I check them later on the computer.
Click here or on the image below to see the series of photos taken of this fleet of craft.

A small oval-shaped craft is photographed together with a Qantas plane that had just taken off from Perth Airport:

I suspect some people would dismiss this one as a bird or insect, however when enhanced it is clearly an oval disc-shaped craft with a clearly defined canopy.
Perhaps it is one of their alternative methods of cloaking. Note, there is a white Qantas plane in the distance about 4 o'clock from the craft:

A disc-shaped craft with a bright specular reflection from the sun and a faintly visible oval canopy is photographed over Swan View from Greenmount National Park, Perth hills, Western Australia:

A disc-shaped craft flies over the clearly recognisable and recently burnt patch of Greenmount National Park near Boya in the Perth hills:

A disc-shaped craft with a clear canopy covering the width of the craft with the underside lit up by the sun.
Enhancement is rotated 180 degrees from the original:


A fast-moving disc-shaped craft shoots passed an aircraft that had taken off from Perth Airport.
The canopy of the craft has a bright specular reflection.

A small disc-shaped craft overtakes a fire-fighting helicopter that is on its way to a fire in Boya in the Perth hills.
The photos were taken at two frames per second. Notice the difference in speed between the helicopter and the craft:

We were pleasantly surprised to find plenty of craft activity over Peppermint Grove Beach, roughly half way between Bunbury and Busselton.
This was one of the clearer craft photographed during the few days that we spent down there.

An oval-shaped craft with a clearly visible canopy (see enhancement below) moves towards the Perth Hills.
The Perth Airport and Perth CBD are clearly visible in the images that were taken at 2 frames per second.
The series of photos were taken from John Forrest National Park in the Perth Hills.

A very unusual photo of a disc-shaped craft with a strange yellow streak through it. Perth Airport and CBD are visible in the background:

A very clear enhancement of a craft with a large canopy covering the full width of the craft.
Enhancement has been rotated 90 degrees clockwise:

A craft ascends rapidly towards the Perth Hills. Click on the image below for a larger version.
The Perth Airport tower (centre) and the Perth City high rise (right) are clearly visible in the distance.
Photos were taken from upper Darlington at approximately 0.5 seconds apart.

I have added a new YouTube video which nicely demonstrates the enormous speeds at which these craft travel:

A common fast-moving disc-shaped craft with an oval transparent canopy flies over the tree tops towards the south over the Perth hills.
Two different enhancements are shown (rotated 90 degrees anti-clockwise)

At least three different craft briefly light-up for a fraction of a second with white and red lights.
My Sony A7R camera was set to a long 2.5 second exposure with an initial flash to highlight the trees.
The stars are shown as little white points of light among the clouds.

It is not often I photograph a UFO with lights during bright daylight.
The high-speed craft appears to have two bright lights and shows a faint light streak in the sky behind it.

There was a bushfire in Darlington late afternoon/evening that was threatening homes but fortunately was quickly brought under control by fire-fighting planes, helicopters and firefighters.
As soon as we noticed the smoke beyond the trees from our verandah, we called in Star Family to help and we placed a protective pyramid over Darlington.
I also took lots of photos of the sky towards the fire. Here are two images with enhancements showing a helicopter and a UFO craft in the sky over the fire area:
Note: the enhancement of the craft (insert above) has been rotated 90 degrees clockwise from the original.


A small craft is repeatedly photographed in a small patch of blue sky between the clouds over a 4 second period.
The six enhanced images provide different views of the craft while it was moving around in the sky.
The craft appears to have two light-coloured or reflective 'lobes' with a canopy on top, instead of the more usual disc shape.

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