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Craft/objects (UFOs) photographed over Darlington, Perth Hills, Western Australia unless stated otherwise.


Last updated: 28th October 2017

Why are there so many craft in our atmosphere at this time? Read here.

22nd October 2017: Arcturian bow-shaped ship visible in the night sky during a lightning storm off the coast of Bunbury, Western Australia.
A fairly large Arcturian bow or crescent-shaped ship is faintly photographed near lightning during a 30 second exposure (see arrow in image below).
The three sets of bright lights to the right on the horizon are  brightly  lit-up container ships anchored off the coast to the north-west of Bunbury.
The above bow or crescent-shaped Arcturian ship is similar to the ships sighted by Kenneth Arnold on 24th June, 1947 (according to Jo from heartstar.org):

3rd October 2017: An Alectian/Arcturian ship writing a message in the sky over Darlington, Western Australia?
A small Alectian/Arcturian ship is photographed in a series of four consecutive images, with the frames half a second apart.
It is as if they were using their ship to write a message in the sky, perhaps by morphing their ship a bit. Were they trying to spell 'LOVE' but jumbled the letters?
According to Jo (heartstar.org), the first image below shows the ship's 'normal' shape showing the slightly upturned ends of the ship,
which is apparently an Alectian feature of an Arcturian basic design. Alectians are close cousins of the Arcturians.


For perspective, two of the four consecutive images are shown below near clouds:

28th August 2017: Many Star family ships in the sky over the Perth hills, Western Australia
A warm and sunny spring-like day with amazing cloud patterns over the Perth hills.
Star family was very busy in the sky overhead
with many cloaked ships and different energies present in the fascinating cloud formations.
I managed to photograph three small ships as they briefly decloaked.
The first was a very clear copper-coloured ship of Arcturian origin (personal communication with Jo from heartstar.org):

A second small, oval-shaped Arcturian ship was photographed in front of a spectacular cloud formation over the Perth hills just north of Darlington:

Here are two enhancements of the same Arcturian ship:

Here's the third decloaked ship:

21st May 2017: Star family lightships present during leyline node activation in Chittering Valley, Western Australia
There is a labyrinth at a place called 'Peace Be Still' in the Chittering Valley, which is actually situated on a node resulting in an energy vortex where leylines cross.
Shelley and I accompanied our dear friend, Jo (from heartstar.org), who acted as a conduit to re-activate the node using an obelisk-shaped crystal of rose-quartz, together with the help of star family ships above and around the node. This was a multi-dimensional team effort with many ships present.
We took photographs during the node activation while the sun was setting behind the distant hills:

Note the ship that is clearly visible in front of the clouds to the right of centre of the image (see cropped image below) and an enhancement in the inset.
This is a Lucidan ship (according to Jo) that has an acorn shape with what appears to be a cross on top:


There was another ship in the clouds directly above the node:

Jo told us afterwards that initially there were heavy resisting energies present and then shortly after the node activation
a large loveheart formed in the clouds above the sun, reflecting the positive shift in energies:

The following image shows another two ships (see arrows) that were present in the sky during the node activation:
Please go to Jo's website at heartstar.org to read in much more detail her account of this node activation event
and the key role played by our Star family and other higher dimensional beings of light.

5th March 2017: Large numbers of Star family craft/ships in the sunset sky in Golden Bay, Western Australia
It was a beautiful warm and sunny, late Sunday afternoon spent fishing with family at Golden Bay beach, just north of Mandurah.

As the sun was setting the clouds changed colour from pink to a deep golden orange. The cloud formation to the north of Golden Bay beach looked like a swirling galaxy:
We were all mesmerised by the beautiful sunset and fascinating cloud shapes:
The unusual cloud formations during this sunset suggested to me that there may be evidence of Star family activity in the photos we had taken that evening.
I was not wrong! Detailed analysis and enhancements of sections of the sunset sky to the west revealed large numbers of craft/ships in the clouds, some more obvious than others.
The two consecutive images below with slightly different enhancement methods show a small section of the Golden Bay sunset,
many craft/ships strung together along wispy streaks of orange-coloured cloud just above the horizon:

A little higher up in the western sky in the sunset there were many faint craft/ships visible like ghosts among the clouds:

Higher up in the sunset sky a group of craft/ships had formed a tightly packed chain under the clouds:


Just above the western horizon a dozen or so craft/ships form a loose group among the clouds:

25th February 2017: Andromedan ship in the evening sky near Peppermint Grove Beach, Western Australia
On a very clear and dark evening at Peppermint Grove Beach in Western Australia, the stars were shining extra bright compared to what we normally see from our home in the Perth hills.
It was a good opportunity to take some long exposure shots (8 seconds at ISO 2500 with my Sony A7R camera) of the night sky and I spent about 40 minutes taking photos.
It wasn't until we got back home in Perth when I had a chance to analyse the photos that I realised that there had been a spherical-looking ship in the eastern sky the whole time that I had been taking photos.
I had not seen it with the naked eye at the time. Interestingly, over the 40 minutes the ship never changed position in relation to the surrounding stars but it notably changed from a brass colour to a much more blue colour:
According to Jo (from heartstar.org), the ship is Andromedan. The following images are enhancements of the ship from several different photos:

Wispyclouds - 2016 UFO Images
Wispyclouds - 2015 UFO Images
Wispyclouds - 2014 UFO Images
Wispyclouds - 2013 UFO Images
Wispyclouds - 2012 UFO Images

This investigation is continuing. This site will be updated regularly and more UFO images added as they are photographed and as time permits.
I would love to hear from anyone who is also photographing UFOs or if you would like a second opinion on your own photographs.
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