How to photograph these craft (UFOs)

1. Use a digital camera with a high megapixels sensor. The higher the better. I use the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 compact camera which has a 20.2 megapixel sensor. This allows you to capture images at high resolution.

2. Use a high shutter speed. I typically use 1/800th of a second or faster. This way you are more likely to capture a sharper image of a fast moving object.

3. Focus on the edges of high altitude clouds in the day-time. These craft appear to travel at mid to high altitude. Sometimes craft are captured in front of these clouds or even in the clouds, but more often they will be found in the blue sky between the clouds.

4. Set your camera to continuous shooting mode so that you take multiple images of the same part of the sky. I typically take 30 images at a time with only a fraction of a second between them. This allows you to track the movement of objects in the sky. It also enables you to distinguish between slow-moving insects, birds, planes, seeds and fast-moving UFOs.

5. Call in the craft*. Mentally (or out loud) ask them to appear where you want them to. I ask them to come in close so that I can photograph them better. It seems to work... Don't expect to see any craft with the naked eye, although you may be lucky!

6. Take lots of photos (200 or more) at a time. On a good day I might detect craft in 5% or more of the photos. On some days I may detect only one or two. It is rare for me not to capture any craft on sunny days with high altitude clouds. The best day I've had has been as high as 20%.

7. Transfer your photos from the camera onto your computer and carefully study each photo on a large monitor/screen. I use a 24 inch screen which seems to work well. Look for any small speck or smudge in the sky. Enlarge anything you find on the screen to get a better look.
Some craft are disc shaped and some are more oval. Be aware of birds, insects and seeds in the sky as they can be quite common. I tend to ignore any object that is ambiguous. Although sometimes you can't clearly tell until you have enhanced the image.

8. Open any promising image in a program like Adobe Photoshop (although any photo-manipulating software will do) so that you can enhance the image by cropping, adjusting brightness, contrast, levels, colours, curves, image size etc. Play around with these settings until you get a better image.

I recommend reading the following article on tips for ship watching and Star family contact:

The reason I put this into my instructions is because this is not too different from what Dr Steven Greer talks about in his books “Hidden Truth – Forbidden Knowledge” and in “Extraterrestrial Contact – The evidence and implications”. He talks about CE-5 or Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, which is characterised by human-initiated encounters with UFOs and/or their occupants. This can be initiated intentionally by directed light (such as from flashlight or laser), sound (such as voices) and, remarkably, thought.

Craft with two occupants visible through a transparent canopy? Image enhanced from a photo taken over the Perth hills of Western Australia.